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Straits Times Press Books :: Biography :: Founding Fathers (GREAT SINGAPORE STORIES series) The first in the Great Singapore Stories series comprises 10 books in an attractive collection on the “FOUNDING FATHERS” who were at the start of the Great Adventure of Independent Singapore. What do we know of the Singapore story today? We dismiss the past as dry history, a list of dates or milestones of events. How many people know: the huge effort to relocate our people from farms to flats? the secretive efforts to build Singapore’s defence force? Singapore’s industrialisation drive – once called “Goh’s folly”? Each book in FOUNDING FATHERS has: the story of one Singapore founder and his contribution in the endeavour growing-up days surprising things we never knew about the man what others say about him, snapshots linking the past to present-day context, rarely seen pictures from family archives Titles: David Marshall - The Legal Eagle Devan Nair - The Rebel With A Cause Eddie Barker - The Gentleman Politician Goh Keng Swee - The Master Sculptor Lee Kuan Yew - The Man Of Firsts Lim Kim San - The Big Builder Ong Pang Boon - The Bespectacled Crime Buster Othman Wok - The Dashing Peacemaker S. Rajaratnam - The Voice Of A Nation Toh Chin Chye - The Quiet Revolutionary

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