To Bless: 3M Eyelid Adhesive Tape, BDL Papaya Day Cream & Bodyshop Wonderblur


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Used barely 3 times. Papaya Day Cream and Wonderblur are not suitable for oily skin so decided to give it away since they all cost less than 5bucks. Light eyelid adhesive was bought in Taiwan. Found a better tape so am blessing those who would like to try the tape for free. It sticks well but I don't like how big it is and not to skin colour like the one I bought from Watsons. If you know the papaya bar soap that many raved about its whitening effect, this is the day cream that I found from my neighbourhood beauty shop. I find that it makes my skin oilier after a few uses. So decided to stop it and give it to those who would like to try it. It cost $2.90 if I'm not wrong. I got the Bodyshop Wonderblur during a sale after purchasing Drops of Youth. This, at promotional price, was 5bucks. It is said to smooth your skin before make up to give the flawless look. However, my skin is oily and throughout the day it flakes off together with makeup, so definitely not for oily skin. Not sure how it fares for dry or normal skin. Oh, it doesn't go well with water (sweat) too. If you know you won't sweat or have oily skin you are welcome to collect it from me to try. Meetup location: Serangoon Central or Serangoon North.

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