Topps /299 Limited Worldwide Kylo Ren Masterwork 2016 Show of Force Rainbow Foil Parallel Rare


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Topps Masterwork 2016 Show of Force: Kylo Ren Rainbow Foil Parallel /299 Limited Worldwide There are only 299 copies of this trading card produced worldwide and the one I have for sale is numbered 202/299. This listing is for the card only. Card display cases sold separately in my other listings. Card is thicker than a regular trading card (please refer to the pictures). Pick up only at any of the following locations: 1) Hazel Park Condominium 2) Cashew MRT 3) Bukit Panjang MRT/LRT Tags: Lightsaber Light Saber Stormtrooper Episode Phantom Menace Attack Clone Wars Revenge Sith New Hope Empire Strikes Back Return Jedi Force Awakens TFA Rebels Bounty Hunter Rogue One Knights Old Republic