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Toslink Optical Audio Cable Performance High Definition Toslink Optical aAudio Cable for digital input from AV Source to Amplifier or AV Reciever Toslink Optical fibre audio cable 24K Gold plated terminals non tarnish metallic alloy plugs Diameter 7mm (this is high quality thick cable! Take note!! ) Color: Black cable Strictly for hifi / av enthusiasts who appreciates good sound. For purists in Sound. Direct digital content from CD / DVD to your amp / av reciever thru these lossless optical cables. Available for preorder only Choosing optical cable for audio: As it is optical, signals are light pulses. Just make sure the thin glass fiber core is protected and the reflective material around the core is well protected by the thick shielding. Of cos you can also go for branded cables but the improvement if any is negligible, just the brand image. Length available - 1m see listed price 1.5m $19 2m $21 3m $26 5m $39 8m $53 10m $69 12m $79 15m $89 Other lengths please enquire Other high quality toslink cable is here Toslink Optical High Definition Audio Cable @thecarousell #CarousellSG #Carousell #MaiTuLiao

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