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IMPORTANT! PLS READ THE Q&A BEFORE ASKING QUESTION. Uber/Grab Ready. Call 94215011 For Immediate Viewing. More cars available @ Whatsapp Me @ For Long Term Leasing Only. Test Drive Video Expected Collection May 2017 Toyota C-HR Hybrid 25-28KM/L 1000+ KM on 43L Tank. Commitment First 12 Mth $630P/Wk AfterWhich $616P/Wk *Deposit $2000 (Refundable) *Minimum Commitment from 52 Week. *No Minimum Trip *No Restriction. Able to used the car on any ride-sharing app *Whole Malaysia Usage *Unlimited Mileage *Iroad V7 Front & Back Car Recording Camera Provided *Full Leather Seat *Premium Solar Film *24/7 Breakdown Assistance *Road Tax, Z10 & Z11 Insurance, Servicing & Repair Included *Immediate Car Replacement ( Due to Breakdown ) *No ACRA Needed *Same day activation for Uber/Grab App. ( Guarantee! ) *Collect the car sign up and start making fares on the same day! No Obligation sharing and project your earning before you decide to rent a car. 1 to 1 Mentoring And Coaching + Pro Tip Provided. (We Make Sure YOU make MONEY!!!) Part-Time: Drive ONLY 4-6 Hours a day to cover cost and use the car free for the rest of the day. Full-Time: Pro-tip will be taught to maximize your earning during peak hours. Earn more $$$ by qualifying the weekly incentive program. Special Sign up CASH Incentive!!!(Upon Hitting Target) on top of weekly incentive for All New Uber/GrabCar Driver FAQ Q: Can i pay my deposit in installment? A: Yes. T&C Apply. Pls call 94215011 to arrange an appointment with us. Q: Do you offer monthly rent payment? A: No, All rental are pay on weekly basis , No monthly payment option available. Q: I want to try out Uber/Grab for 1 week or so,how much is the rental? A: Minimum commitment for BRAND NEW CAR is 52 weeks. Q: I want to rent the car for the weekend or a few day, What's the rate? A: Car is only available for long term usage. Q: Is the rental price negotiable? A: Slightly negotiable for 24 Month Lease, LOW BALLER will be ignore and BLOCKED. Q: What's the average FC for this car? A: Google can help you. That right foot may help too.... Q: What's the Horse Power of this car? A: Well , you don't need that Info. The car is NOT for racing purpose. Q: Do the car come with leather seat , sun roof , sport rim , good sound system? A: What you see is what you get. Please visit us to view the car. #Uber #UberX #UberXL #UberExec #UberPool #Grab #GrabCar #GrabPremium #GrabShare #Rent #Cars #PHV #Mitsubishi #Honda #Nissan #Toyota #Lexus #BMW #Audi #Mazda #Mercedes #Volkswagen #Volvo #Mpv #Suv #Sedan

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176 Sin Ming Drive Singapore, Singapore

View @ 176 Sin Ming Drive , Sin Ming AutoCare. Monday - Friday. 10am-6pm Call Or Whatsapp to 94215011 More cars available @