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TOYOTA SIENTA 1.5G 15+ XP170 - Shadow E drive advance 4 E throttle controller


6 months ago by brosunitedauto








TOYOTA SIENTA 1.5G 15+ XP170 Shadow E drive advance 4 E throttle controller -E-Drive Advance 4 Electronic Throttle Controller THIS IS THE VERY LATEST E-DRIVE ELECTRONIC THROTTLE CONTROLLER ON THE MARKET To face the trend of vehicle’s updated ECU processing speed we especially acknowledged this problem and spent great amounts of time and effort to develop “E-drive Advance 4”, electronic throttle controller. Through a more accurate and pure digital signal we designed the E-Drive Advance 4 from the ground up to be 100% compatible with the vehicle's original ECU electronic throttle signal. Unique appearance. Brushed aluminum design. Set your vehicle’s performance. E-drive 4 lets you enjoy the drive. Characteristics KEY FEATURES 1. NEW Anti-skid function allows the vehicle to move off the mark without wheelspin on slippery ground. 2. NEW Drag Racing launch control function offers maximum acceleration. 3. NEW Anti-theft throttle lock function. 4. NEW Brake priority function; when brake pressed, throttle signal is automatically cancelled. 5. DAC Digital signal output offers 1000 times/sec processing speed. 6. Built-in high speed processor greatly improves throttle signal response and stability. 7. POWER Mode:9 settings. Adjustment from MILD to WILD for super sensitive throttle response suitable for hill climb & road racing events. 8. ECO Mode: 7 steps, suitable for valet mode or driving in urban areas effectively reducing fuel consumption. 9. Vehicle dedicated connectors makes installation fast and easy. Drag Racing, launch control function Single button press for Drag Racing mode. In this mode, display shows “Drag Racing”. Step on the accelerator lightly gives you full power for even faster response. Suitable for drag racing in controlled environment, not for use on the street. ◎Anti skid function High powered vehicles will easily skid on wet, muddy or snow covered ground whilst starting off which may send the vehicle spinning out of control. The new E-Drive Advance 4 is especially programmed with an anti-skid function that lets the driver control the vehicle's take off easily on slippery ground. ◎Anti-theft function Put the E-Drive Advance 4 into anti-theft mode with a simple set up. In this mode, the display is off and throttle is locked. Vehicle can’t be moved even if thieves manage to start the engine successfully. With this function, more protection is offered to your vehicle. ◎New exterior design The aluminum shell and glass polished faceplate mimics the new Shadow style. High quality exterior design makes Shadow E-Drive 4 the boutique throttle controller. ◎User-friendly design 3 button design also lets you easily change and adjust modes without ever needing to read the instructions. ◎Throttle opening light The length of LED strip on the display face shows throttle opening percentage. This clear information allows users to know what's going on with the throttle at all times. ◎Adopted DAC digital signal Shadow E-Drive 4 uses a DAC, (Digital to Analog Converter) which eliminates unnecessary use of capacitors and filters. This raises the stability and purity of the signal. Also, by using a DAC the speed of which the throttle signals are processed are 5x faster than a normal non DAC throttle controller. Shadow E-Drive 4 is thus more compatible with the original ECU throttle signal. ◎1000 times/sec processing speed Built-in three core processors not only greatly upgrade the signal to 1024 steps/ 0-5V and is ultra-compatible with the original signal specs and also accelerates throttle signal reaction time. ◎17 adjustable functions 3 modes: 17 settings. 9 settings in Power Mode, 7 settings ECO Mode, + normal mode. Driver can change mode at anytime - ON THE FLY. ◎Easy install with the dedicated, vehicle specific connectors OEM grade dedicated connectors suit various vehicles. Only takes a few minutes to complete the installation without damaging the original vehicle wiring greatly decreasing installation errors. If you enjoy vehicle tuning, don’t miss this. You will be surprised with the ease of setup and use. For more enquiry call us at +6591173109 Email: Website: www. 第二代 丰田Sienta 1.5L 2015+ XP170 升級Shadow Edrive advance 4 電子油門控制器! E-Drive Advance 4 油門控制器全面進入數位時代!! DAC數位訊號全面採用 透過DAC數位轉類比訊號處理器的協助,免除使用電容、濾波器的情況下,可加快五倍的油門反應速度,並且大幅提高訊號穩定性與純淨度,讓第四代Shadow E-Drive完全相容於原車ECU訊號。 專用線組安裝超方便 Shauto Sales Shadowauto Jaw Shadow Meter Shadow Auto Motorsport Taiwan #Toyota #Sienta, #XP170, #Shadow, #Shadowauto, #ethrottle,#responder, #caraccessories, #第二代丰田Sienta

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