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treasure box with liuli ingots and white crystal - 琉璃元宝白水晶碎石百宝箱 Already SOLD out three, selling fast, while stock last! 白水晶:防辐射,加强灵感及思维能力,清醒头脑,有助学业和工作。有聚焦、集中、扩大记忆的功能,是所有能量的综合体,称晶王。可镇宅、辟邪、挡煞,净化全身,去除病气,趋吉开运。可增加人体能量,增强记忆,改善风水,吸收电磁波效果最佳。 水晶功效: 琉璃 - 宜催财 是权利和财富的象征,代表明亮、温和与创新;能助人投射出权威的能量,加强人的果断力,对事业的腾飞有很大的作用,能改善神经系统。适合正在努力奋斗、渴望成功的人。 # crystal obsidian stone gemstone garnet opal quartz agate moonstone amethyst aquamarine aventurine chalcedony citrine jade jadeite yusui fluorite green chlorite phantom onyx opal rose rutilated smoky tourmaline cornucopia bless healing feng shui luck love prosperity ornament collection antiques collect 琉璃 水晶 碧玺 东陵玉 托玛琳 电气石 金砂 发晶 黑曜石 石榴石 玉髓 玉随 玉 石 天然 工艺品 摆件 辟邪 化煞 招财 风水 装饰品 玛瑙

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Clementi, Singapore

Deal in CASH only at Circle Line MRT, Clementi MRT, West area Kindly note that: - No Fussy Buyer - Please agree with the meet-up place before you offer - Meet up location can change but at my conveniences (message me) - Deal in cash only Thank you very much.

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Add $2 per item for normal postage charges. Will NOT be responsible for any mail lost for normal mail. Will only send out after bank transfer received. Chat to find out more!