Triceratops Skull For Fish Tank, Aquarium, Home Decor


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Triceratops skull Brand new Made of resin, safe for aquatic use. Ezlink card for gauging of size only. Dimensions in CM (7.5 x 4.5 x 5) Price for 1 unit Self collect at bukit batok st 25 Tags : marine pure, biohome, aquarium, gex, lights, angel fish, shrimp, tank, planted tank, fish tank, stingray, arowana, discus, guppies, lighting, led light, hang on filter, overhead filter, canister filter, melamix, java moss, eheim, gex, ada soil, aquatic, shrimp, biological filtration, christmas moss, chiller, goldfish, pleco, cube tank, brick, slate, CRS, PRL, mechanical filtration, anti-chlorine, anti chromium, pimafix, water conditioner, marinepure, ceramic caves, reptile cave, monster fish, atman, jebo, thermometer, pH meter, bacteria house, uv filter, hydroponics, fibreglass tank, sump tank, IOS tank, bacteria house, terrarium

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bukit batok st 25