True for you, but not for me by Paul Copan - Self Enrichment Book


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True for you, but not for me by Paul Copan (Paperback) Good Condition, Clean, Unmarked, foxed, comes with plastic book cover. Description: Fast, effective answers to today's tough questions and slogans that often leave Christians speechless. Amazon Book Reviews - 1) Clever arguments - By Michael A. Johnson I like a good argument. Not a knock down drag out fight, but a cleverly worded one. Mr. Copan shows how to ruin a relativists day by letting him follow where his arguments lead. For all of the various forms of relativism (I didn't know there were this many) do self destruct when you take them to their end. But the good part is not how you ruin his un-thought-though thinking, but lead him to reality, and Christ. The book ends with three chapters on how Christians think about those who have never heard of Jesus. (Not just those who have never been reached by missionaries, but mental cases or very young childhood before learning to speak.) Unfortunately, there is no consensus on that issue, but there are answers that are more likely than others. 2) Copan lays out a great case - By raymond torres A must have in any apologetic collection. Copan lays out a great case for why many relativists and post-modernists thinkers are holding contradictory beliefs. Relativism is a self-defeating system of thought. Relativist love saying that truth doesn't exist, but that your truth is based on your own experience. In defining truth in personal terms, relativists wish to live out there own system of thought without the influence of external ideas and authorities. As a result, they betray any possibility of coming to accurate terms with reality. Copan simply refutes all relativists claims by demonstrating that an absolute conception of truth must exist because even if one doesn't believe that truth exist, it would still have to true that truth doesn't exist. Therefore, truth must exist and we find this truth embodied in the person of Jesus.

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