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Tsumami Kanzashi rose, buttercups and cherry blossoms in white, yellow, fuchsia and peach colours, traditional Japanese hair accessory


Serangoon MRT Interchange (NE12/CC13)


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Rose with Buttercups and Wild Flowers (Cream White, Fuchsia, Petal Peach and Canary Yellow): I once read a Charles Perrault fairytale in my childhood. As a young, impressionable child discovering fairytales for the very first time, it was little wonder how I tumbled headlong into it. Appropriately titled ‘Diamonds and Toads’, it told the charming tale of a young maiden who was as lovely as she was good. Acknowledged and loved by the fairies, she was blessed with the ability to magically produce and drop either precious gems, gold and silver or flowers from her mouth whenever she spoke. And I wanted nothing more than to be like her. Roses fair as day, golden buttercups and colorful wild flowers appeared magically at her lips and drifted downwards to leave sweeping trails of flora and spring freshness at her feet. In my head, I am but one of those young children as portrayed in the story, who run after her and pick up the flowers to wear in their hair in hopes of becoming like her. ~ Featuring a 20-petaled rose in cream white color, cherry blossoms and other wild flowers in vivid shades of fuchsia, peach pink and canary yellow in varying sizes. Each petal is hand-crafted and sealed with high temperatures to ensure an absolute no-fraying consistency throughout the entire kanzashi. A 4cm-radius circular base is then covered in green felt to further bring across a sense of Mother Nature at its very consistent. Each flower is then stuck onto the base by hand using fabric glue, followed by three strands of tsumami kanzashi petal falls. Lastly, the kanzashi is its entirety is mounted onto a brass hair barrette and securely fastened onto it, to be worn in the hair with any hairstyle to the wearer’s freedom in expression and style.

4 months ago In Hair Accessories




Listed by memorablyjane

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2019 Jun

item delivered as per image shown.punctual in meet up .seller is frendly