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Tumbled Stones Consolidated List (More than 70 to choose from)


1 month ago by crystalgalore








Price starts from as low as $4 per piece. ⭐️Bulk Promo: Buy 10 Get 1 Free, Buy 50 Get 10 Free! **Able to customise for thematic events or wedding favours. Please PM to inquire. Snippet 📹: FAQs: I specialise in customising crystal healing bags. Link here: For those who prefer individual pieces, you will find a consolidated list below. Crystalgalore carries a wide range of Tumbled stones. You will find many uncommon and rare crystals that are hardly found in Singapore. Quality and energy have always been the priority. Every piece is always handpicked by Sarah, each stone is picked to match your personal energy and are always filled with infinite positive light. (Never casual or random with what to pick!) See our feedback by our satisfied customers. ☺️💜 Site map to our Tumbled Polished/Raw Crystals below: 🖤Black, Brown🖤 - Astrophyllite - Black Obsidian - Black Tourmaline - Black Onyx - Bronzite - Hematite - Labradorite - Smoky Quartz - Snowflake Obsidian - Nuummite (coming soon) - Apache Tear - Chiastolite / Andalusite - Nunderite - Golden Sheen Obsidian (coming soon) - Silver Sheen Obsidian (coming soon) - Rainbow Obsidian (coming soon) - Tourmalinated Quartz ❤️🧡💛Red, Orange, Yellow❤️🧡💛 - Red Jasper - Rainbow Jasper - Carnelian - Citrine (Small) - Citrine, AA Grade - Citrine, Raw - Crazy Lace Agate - Garnet - Golden Tiger Eye - Golden Tiger Eye (XL) - Golden Yellow Calcite - Red Aventurine (Med) (coming soon) - Red Aventurine (L) - Red Tiger Eye - Rutilated Quartz - Sunstone 💖💚Pink, Green💖💚 - Mixed Moonstone - Pink Opal - Rhodonite - Star Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz, AA Grade - Rose Quartz (XL), Polished - Rose Quartz Seer Stones (coming soon) - Rose Quartz, Raw - Lepidolite - Green Aventurine - Canada Jade - Emerald, Raw (coming soon) - Epidote (coming soon) - New Jade (coming soon) - Tree Agate - Rainforest Rhyolite Jasper - Malachite - Atlantisite - Unakite - Bloodstone - Ruby in Fuchsite - Kambaba Jasper 💙Blue, Indigo💙 - Turquoise - Aquamarine, Polished - Aquamarine, Raw - Sapphire, Polished (coming soon) - Blue Sapphire, Raw (coming soon) - Blue Lace Agate - Blue Chalcedony (coming soon) - Blue Tiger Eye - Blue Fluorite (coming soon) - Blue Kyanite - Blue Apatite - Lapis Lazuli - Angelite - Sodalite (coming soon) - Sodalite AA grade (coming soon) - Azurite in Malachite 💜Purple, White💜 - Amethyst - Amethyst Seer Stones - Ametrine (coming soon) - Sugilite - Charoite - Rainbow Fluorite - Kunzite, Raw - Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz Seer Stones - White Howlite - Dalmatian Jasper - Rainbow Moonstone

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