UDG Ultimate DJ Gear SoftBag Black Analine Leather


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Unused and meticulously kept in storage, I'm putting up this Ultimate DJ Gear UDG Softbag Black Analine Leather record bag for sale. And so the story for this is: this was given to me as a gift from a friend more than a decade ago, and this was the elusive holy grail of dj wearable gear back then. A rich friend bought this for me when I was dabbling with turntables and records, but I was only an enthusiast and bedroom jock at the best. It was extremely costly back then. Very luxurious feel of soft leather on this, it looks and functions extremely well as a man bag too, and could double up very well as a travel bag, being classic black in color, with the foam padding being velcro removable. As for volume: 39cm width 40cm high 25cm depth, another 4cm for the protruding front zip pouch Consider this bag as NOS (new-old-stock) item, as I only wore it once to feel it, and was never used for carrying anything around. This bag is also rarely sighted in sales classifieds, as I figure that owners would not want to part with it. I will be making effort to post accurate photos, for your better informed purchase decision. Priced to sell at $600 for this vintage modern bag. This is like getting a vintage LV or Hermes or whatever branded leather bag for a discerning professional DJ. I'm not open to trades of any kind. The actual photos that you see of the bag, was just after collecting it from a pro luxury bag cleaning service of $84. These photos itself are already rare enough, as you can't really find user photos of UDG Leather on the internet at all. ultimate dj gear softbag soft bag, UDG, records, vinyl, 33rpm 45rpm, travel dj, LP vinyl storage, analine leather black, vestax, pioneer, technics