*Ultra Rare!* Sleepwalker Comic (Vintage Collectible!)


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Marvel has ceased publishing Sleepwalker comics since ages ago, leaving behind this series, that caters to the selected segment of hardcore comic fan base, to become priceless treasure for the geeks who have grown up reading this unique series about the extremely elusive mindscape and sleep demons. This comic has an interesting plot and you would definitely be captivated by Sleepwalker and his fight against the evil forces of the world. I do not have the luxury of time to check the value of these comics due to spring cleaning, so I am putting them up on Carousell for all Marvel fans out there. If you are able to resell them at a much higher price, I am happy for you too! Procedure: 1.) Drop me a message for a chat. Amos here. :) 2.) Pick-up point will be at Bishan. Tags: collectible, art, hero, villian, war, action packed