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Ultra Versatile USB light





Ultra versatile USB light🔦 Only cool white is available. 📋Specification 💎4 super duber bright Korean Branded LEDs. 💎USB powered. aka 5Vdc. 💎Low current consumption. Only 0.14A. 💎Reversible. 💎Comes in either cool white or warm white. 👍The one and only USB light that you will ever need to buy. (Ok, maybe buy a few of those😅) This USB LED is .....👍👍👍 🔬small, really really small. Buy a few cause you will definitely misplace them. 🌊Water proof. Yes, you can forget that it's in your pocket and wash it with your jeans. It will still works. 🌞Very Bright. You will be amazed that you can light up a room with just one. ↔Reversible. You can plug it into the USB port in any direction. No need to worry about getting the light with the wrong direction . What to use it for⁉⁉⁉ 🌃Nightlight, if you have spare phone charger that have USB output port. You can plug it to the wall and use it as a nightlight. Since it is reversible, you can flip it around to get the right ambience you need. 🚗Car light. Yes, you can use it in the car as an interior light. 🔦Portable light. If you have a portable battery/power pack, you can have you own light anytime. 🌉Night shot !!! You can take photo in the night! Look my example photo. 👿Selfie!!!!!!! You can make use of your portable battery/power pack and this nifty little fellow to help you get the best photo even in the darkness. 😲Study table ambience light. You do not need to switch on the room light and disturb your roommate. Plug this into the usb port and you have your personal light. 😞What happen if you have 8 port USB laying somewhere? Well, a super bright study lamp maybe?😎 ✈Travel-light travel light. If you are scared of the dark when you are alone in your hotel room. Use this to light up the room. Wall plug or power pack, your choice. Where to keep it? It has a keyhole.🔑🔑🔑🔑 Keep it with your keys. 🔑🔑🔑 Tie it to your power pack.➰ Hang it with your phone.🔖 Keep one in your bag💼, one in your purse👜, one in your wallet👝 and one in your drawer. 🎯Another plus point. This light is so low power it works with just an OTG cable and a compatible phone. I used a Samsung Note 2 as shown in photo. And again low power means you can used it for few hundreds hours with a powerbank. FINALLY!!!!!!!! The best best reason to get this LED light. Imagine this scenario (some of you may not need to imagine because it happened to you). You are in the best transport system in the world. The MRT! Suddenly, the whole system no power. Train cannot move, air-conditioning not working. Best of all, no lights and everyone is in total darkness. So, what people do? Everybody take out handphone and shine!!!! What you do? You take out this USB led light and plug it into your power bank and light up the whole cabin. Woah!!!!!! You become the hero! You light up the whole cabin. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Enuff said. PM me for more details. ✉

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