Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Electronic Mosquito Deratization Deinsectization Devices


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Very effective against ants. Riddex Plus turns your home's wiring into a pest repellent force-field. Simply plus Riddex into any socket and it'll send out electrical pulses that'll rid your home of almost any pest. Perfect for: Rats Mice Cockroaches Insects Includes a built-in night light and features patented digital pulse technology. For household/residential use only. 220V outlets only. Instructions: To open the package, as long as the drive rats into a power outlet, green lights, red lights start flashing, indicating that the device has started working properly Green lights: indicates that the device is working, the entire work process, has been lit Red light : indicates that the device is working or off, three minutes of work, three minutes off, repeating this process has been Blue light: press the white button on top of the device can be used as night light Package Content: 1 x Riddex Plus Electronic Pest & Rodent Repeller