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-mint condition, well maintained, Japan exclusive limited edition set purchased from Fujiya Avic August 2016 -huge saving from retail of 1.6k+ -5 driver hybrid IEM. 1DD + 4BA -Selling it due to low usage, just use it less than 4 time, did not run in yet. Review for sound signature: Maverick’s design is mostly pure, elegant, sleek and aesthetic. Moreover, you can clearly feel the build quality when you use it. It’s not amazing like a metal or some other elements that certain companies use but it still looks and feels beautiful. The nozzle is well built and there are 4 bores in it if you look carefully. The carrying case is also robust and stylish. It’s all metal and the IEM’s fit neatly inside. This one looks more serious and elegant than my shiny red JH Angie. Driver configuration is a Quard BA + Dynamic (Low x 2 (Dynamic x 1 + b x 1), mid x 1, 2 x High) is a 4 way, crossing over the new configuration. Adopt the latest 3D printing system shell (casing) VERY HARD TO BUY IT ELSEWHERE NOW!!! No low baller please Westone shure audio technica aurisonic fitear jh audio sennheiser Sony fiio forstex astell kern headphone beyerdynamic audiophile jvc soul mojo chord Hugo hifiman earphone audeze campfire audio jerry harvey b&w b&o Type: 耳機 Brand: Unique Melody Special Features: 音響迷專用