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Universal Camera Lense Cap


Clementi Avenue 3





LOOKING FOR QUICK & FAST DEALS *UNIVERSAL CAMERA LENS CAP HIGH QUALITY BRAND KUVRD - FIT EVERY LENS, NEVER FALL OFF, with ELEMENT PROOF // READY STOCK - SG NO MORE WORRIES of LOSING LENS CAPS! Details : MAGNUM stretches from 72mm to 122mm, covering all those big behemoths in your bundle or bag. [DISCOUNTED : $60] ELEMENT PROOF The ULC not only protects the front elements but the rear elements as well. Unlike traditional lens caps, the ULC can stretch over both sides of a lens, functioning as either a front lens cap or rear lens cap. Not only is the ULC shock-absorbent, it protects your lens from mother nature's elements; dust, dirt, water, you name it. NEVER FALLS OFF. The basic function of the Universal Lens Cap is that it stretches and grips to remain snug on a lens, securely fitting and staying put until you remove it! Once it's on, it stays on! Only by intentionally pulling the Universal Lens Cap off your lens will it actually come off! NO MORE WORRIES of LOSING LENS CAPS! For more details visit :

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BLK 459 Clementi Avenue 3

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