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PAYMENT: DBS PayLah, Bank Transfer SG Delivery: 1 to 3 days. Use PayLah App and Scan the QR Code above. Send Payment PROMO....PROMO.....PROMO Install PAYLAH APP now and get $5 credit. Promo ends 13 Aug. DBSPROMO Code SMOFMV852 Universal Switch Socket with USB Port Charger & Power Switch UK USA EU + Mounting Case Specification: 100% Brand New and High Quality. Body is made of high quality PC Material, Improve the flame retardancy. 10A/110-250VAC Compliant AC Outlet. 1000mA -5V USB Power Ports. Auto adjust charging Wattage. Save on power consumption. The multi-purpose plug hole design, may meet inserts plugs in many countries Charging Port Compatibility:Tablets, Mobile Phones, Smartphones,Bluetooth Headsets, Digital Cameras,MP3, Kindle, GPS & more! Applications : Replacement Wall Switch suitable for household & offices in most countries including UK, USA, Europe, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Jordan, New Zealand, Australia, Asia Pacific, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, Spain and etc. Note: Kindly ensure switches are installed by qualified installer. Mounting Case is included. Dimensions 1. Overall Size: approx 86mm x 86 mm 2. Mounting: 2 Fasteners, 60 mm apart (provided) 3. Weight: ~160 g #USB socket 3-pin Switch Did you receive your $5 Gift Code? Search -

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