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Unzip The UK's First Fully Interactive Magazine On CD-Rom CD-ROM – 1995 Collectable. One of those few pioneer projects during the beginning of the 90’s interactive/multimedia era. For Macintosh - CPU: LCII 68030 or greater with 4 Mb (available) RAM recommended. CD-ROM: Double-speed drive or faster. Monitor: 13" (640 x 480) *-bit graphics. QuickTime 2.0 (supplied) Sysem: 7.0 or later For Windows - CPU: 486 or greater with 8Mb RAM recommended. CD-ROM: Double speed drive or faster. Monitor: 13" (640 x 480) 8-bit graphics. Sound Card: 8-bit MPC compatible. QuickTime 2.0 for Windows Self collect from Farrer Park Rd or Farrer Park MRT. Apple Macintosh, Interactive design, multimedia, collectable, graphics design, Music, others