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UOB Car Loan on Carousell: What’s this?


4 months ago by carousellmotors





Ever wondered if you’re actually able to afford the car you shortlisted? You can find out by applying for the UOB Car Loan through Carousell! Engineered to save you time, the UOB Car Loan helps you understand your purchasing power by providing you with the approved loan quickly through MyInfo. With UOB Car Loan on Carousell, you’ll be able to request for your car loan anywhere, anytime. As a paperless car loan application, no longer will you need to produce physical personal documents as part of the request process. Furthermore, you won’t need to go through the cumbersome task of digging out personal income details too! With the knowledge of your approved loan amount, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions when you choose to purchase your dream car. 🚗 Tap on the "I'm Interested!" button to check out the cars for sale that are powered by UOB Car Loan!

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FAQ #1: What if I’ve decided not to purchase the car after viewing? Fret not! Each approved loan arrangement via the UOB Car Loan on Carousell is valid for 30 days. If the car isn’t suitable for you, just let the arrangement expire. FAQ #2: What if I want to negotiate the price after viewing? The approved loan arrangement from UOB serves to represent the loan “limit” you’ve secured. This means that you’ll be assured of the loan amount up to this “limit”. Pro-tip: Once you’ve shortlisted the car you’re thinking of buying, apply for the UOB Car Loan on Carousell before viewing. After you’ve gotten the loan approved, view the car and negotiate the price with the seller. Upon agreeing with the seller on a lower price, re-apply for the UOB Car Loan on Carousell -- you’ll be able to get a new loan based on the lowered selling price!

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