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USED Canon EOS 600D + Standard EF-S 18-55MM ZOOM LENS


Kembangan MRT Station (EW6)





UPDATE ON 9/3/2018: I have gotten my camera back from diagnosis and I am willing to let my camera go at $180 while factoring in the repair costs quoted by Canon. (See 2nd and 3rd images) They have already fixed the flash which refused to launch. You will probably be able to get it restored for cheaper at external repair centres or DIY repairs if you are a professional yourself. If you wish to have the camera repaired by Canon, please transfer to me the amount equivalent to the repairs you want (for e.g. you want everything except for the digital LCD screen), and I will send it to the centre for you - as the camera is registered under my name. UPDATE ON 2/3/2018: Currently letting my camera go for a thorough diagnosis at the Canon Service Centre. I will update the price here when I get my camera back! I bought this camera in 2011. It has served me for a very long time (7 years!), it has imperfections but it is perfectly usable. You probably would want to send it for professional cleaning (I would), hence I am selling it at this low price. I am selling it off as I wish to switch to a more portable mirrorless camera for my backpacking lifestyle. It'll come with the default zoom lens (18-55mm), 2 x battery packs, 1 x battery charger, 1x attached neck strap. If you want the original box. I'll dig it up for you (it's somewhere at home). I can throw in the used dry box too. SHUTTER COUNT: 19.4k By offering, you understand that: 1) The viewfinder rubber cover is missing (It fell off!) 2) There's mold trapped inside the lens. (I don't see it in my shots, but you'll definitely need professional cleaning to remove the mold) 3) Digital viewfinder has darkened edges - doesn't show up in the pics 4) The optical viewfinder has black specks - doesn't show up in the pics. It might be mold. I have checked the mirror, focusing screen and lens. It's not in these places. Probably behind the viewfinder eyepiece/ on the pentaprism, can be cleaned by a professional. 5) Pop-up flash can't launch automatically - probably an issue with the spring. But you can lift it up manually. If it bothers you, go to a professional. (update: Canon fixed this) 6) some barely noticeable scuffs. Well, if you are willing to accept the camera and the flaws that I have mentioned, at this price, we can do a meet-up for you to test the camera out. Following that, if you agree to its conditions, you'll take it at the price of $180. If the conditions are not agreeable, i wont hate you (unless you have been rude to me) and you don't have to pay for the test-drive heh Feel free to ask me questions and request for photos of the camera. NO NEGOTIATION. NO TRADES. I am a busy student and I push my time around to make the meet-up possible. Please inform me if you wish to cancel meet-up, latest on the day before.

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Alternatively, in NTU when I'm in school, or Marine Parade area. Do check with me!


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very decisive buyer! had prompt replies and was punctual for meet up! :-) recommended!