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Using skill credit or WTS letter for Study course .


1 month ago by stevelobang








enquiry on our WSQ courses. Using skill credit for Study courseenquiry on our WSQ courses. Herein the most frequently asked Q&A for the course. 1. What is the course name? Ans : WSQ Diploma in Leadership & People Management. ************************* 2. Where is the training centre location? Ans : Peninsula Plaza Campus (City Hall MRT) ************************* 3. How long is the course duration? Ans : 20 days to complete, consist of 9 modules. (2 days weekly) total spread into 9 weeks. ************************* 4. Whats the course fee? Ans : Course fee is $5760 before Government subsidy. ************************** 5. How much is the Gov Subsidy? Ans : Subsidy depends on the age and income as there are different tiering. Its either 95% or 90% subsidy of the course fee of $5760. ************************* 6. How does the tiering works? Ans : Min age to take up this course with subsidy is 35 yrs old. Tiering No.1 This is 95% subsidy and this is referred as WTS scheme (Workforce Training Support). Its for Singaporean with salary below $2000 per month in 2018 with CPF contribution. Tiering No.2 This is 95% Subsidy and this scheme is referred to as WIS (Workfare Income Supplement). For Singaporean with salary below $2000 per mth or annual income below $24,000 in 2018. Freelancer or Part-timer is okay. No CPF contribution is required. Tiering No.3 This is 90% subsidy and this scheme is referred to as MCES. Mid-Career Enhancement Scheme. Only for age above 40 yrs old and salary above $2000 per month or annual income above $24,000. No CPF contribution is required. ************************* 7. How is the schedule like? Ans : We have Day class, Evening class and weekend class to choose from. 1. Every Monday & Tuesday (9am to 6pm) 2. Every Monday to Thursday (6.30pm to 10.30pm) 3. Every Saturday & Sunday (9am to 6pm) Total takes 2 months to complete and obtain the Diploma Certification. ************************** 8. Who issued the Diploma Cert? Ans : Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG) **************************** 9. How can i pay the balance 5% of course fee if my subsidy is 95%. Ans : you can use your Skillsfuture credits of $500 to pay or by cash top-up if your balance is less than $500. ************************** 10. What modules are included in the course? Ans : There are total 9 modules to complete and below are the modules. 1. Enable People 2. Strategies for winning and retaining customers. 3. Manage Change 4. Cultivate and manage service performance 5. Manage Achievement of Results 6. Digital Workplace 7. Manage Self 8. Cultivate workplace relationship 9. Lead team ************************* 11. Where can i enrol for this course? Ans : Our office address for course registration will be : 101 North Bridge Road #05-41, Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179089 ************************ 12. I heard that there are Awards to participants completed the course? Ans : Yes, all Participants will be awarded with Qualification Award from SSG direct to your bank account once completed the course. Inaddition..... For participants under WTS Workfare Scheme, will be eligible for Training Committment Award (TCA) . and Training Allowance of $4.50 per training hour. *************************** 13. How can this Diploma help me? Ans : This is a Diploma certificate and it will help you to upgrade your skills set and gain entry for more job opportunities for career progession. As you can see many jobs advertised requires Minimum a Diploma holder for entry. The era for N/O' Level cert is over. So this is a good opportunity for you to upgrade now. There will be a 1) Qualification Award 2) Training Commitment Award 3) Training Allowance For Infor please call 86214997

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