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DEMO units are available for auditioning! GETEARS current listings: >KZ ZSE >KZ ZS5 >Tennmak Crazy Cello >VJJB N1 >Musicmaker Toneking TP16 >Senfer 4 in 1 >TY Hi Z >Einsear T2 >KZ ED12 >KZ ATE >Rock Zircon >Tennmak Pro >VJJB V1 >KZ ZS1 >KZ ATR > VE Monk Plus Venture Electronics Monk Plus ■Status Available Brand New in Plastic Sealed Genuine Without Microphone ■Specs Drivers: 8mm Impedance: 32Ohm Sensitivity: 112dB/mW Frequency range: 18Hz-22500Hz ■Asset Pure Musicality! This is what this earphone is about. Very well known to be the best bang for buck among audiophiles. ■Sound? Oh a budget earphone with a league of its own. The first time I tried this, it gave me a thought that maker/makers of this brand definitely has knowledge about audio stuffs. The clean, detailed overall sound signature, the creamy voice, that just enough bass, the sparkling highs and most of all the soundstage, the openess of this. Overall this really is truly amazing. No wonder I get to meet audiophiles who pair this with AKs as thier mobile rig. ■Catch Of course there is a catch, and that is sound leak. This is an earphone and not an earbud so sound maybe heard by whoever is situated near to you. ■Terms and Conditions All earpieces used for reviews are demo units. All items listed are brand new. Chat for any query. I will reply as soon as I can. Meet ups will depend on the availability of both parties. Postage is available upon request. Items sent are in brand new condition and seller has no responsibility for any damages caused during delivery.

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