Vietnam Yellow Pomelo Seeds/Seedlings (New Updates)


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(This is an updated post from my earlier one with new photos taken today) I have repotted my Vietnam Yellow Pomelo seedlings as they have grown bigger and taller with more leaves. So now each pot comes with a strong seedling plant blended in with my self-made fertilizers and compost mix. Interested parties, please contact me for details. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to grow your own organic Vietnam Yellow Pomelo at home? It's an easy and fun activity where you plant your Pomelo, watch them grow and harvest them over time. You will have a higher sense of satisfaction and achievement growing your own than buying one at the nurseries if they do carry this type of Pomelo plants! I have limited number of Vietnam Yellow Pomelo seeds as I got them in my recent trip to HCM (visiting a fruit plantations). And I have also sowed a number of these seeds and some have already germinated successful (please refer to pic 3) in about 5 days! Our weather is suitable for their growing. The plant is easy to take care, can be grown in pots (though better to plant in the ground or big pot) and yet can still flower and bear fruits except smaller fruits for the former. It will grow tall and big over time (becoming a mini tree) and so regular trimming is recommended and also application of fertilizers as well. The yellow pomelo is best known for its nice and strong fragrance (especially after they have started to ripe), super sweet and being juicy. Besides eating this as a fruit, you can also use it for dessert like mango/sago dessert with pomelo, which some Chinese (HK) restaurants/cafes are selling. I also have limited seeds/seedlings (unless sold) of Strawberry, Kiwifruit, Rock and Water melons, Dragon Fruit (White and Purple), Mulberry, Custard Apple (Purple), Chilli Padi, Lime, Lemon, Corn, Persimmon, Apple, Pear, Pomelo, Mandarin Orange, Star Fruit, Tomato, Curry Leaves, Pandan Leaves, Hibiscus, Blue Pea, Rose, Chrysanthemum etc. Do check them out on my earlier posts here or PM me as I am not able to list all here. Interested parties, please PM me for more info. Please also follow me and go through my listing for other items that you maybe interested in. :) Collection: Upp Paya Lebar/Lor Ah Soo (Reference map to be provided if required)