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Vintage-Antique Red-Painted Bakelite Telephone. Working Condition


9 months ago by antique_angel








This is a well repainted to red in Color Bakelite teleohone ( originally black) . An original red antique or vintage telephone will cost easily 900sing to 1600$ ( 470£_ 890£ - this model , 200s and 300s Color phones- Red, green) You can do a check on the website. I do understand that there are people who are unwilling to pay this much for an original red or green antique - Vintage telephone. However, you still have the opportunity and the privilege to own such phone with a well painted red in Color to maintain its beauty of that the original red phone. I am selling at a reasonable and affordably price. A black Bakelite of this model goes easily for 370 to 400 Sing dollars here. And what I have for you here is a red ( painted) in Color phone for only 450$ only. Do remember that I put in lots of effort and work to make this phone look cool and lovely. Moreover, the phone is also in working condition. I am downsizing my goodies and this is one awesome piece of beauty that you need to get hold off. Antique Colour phones are Super expensive in Singapore and it is also hard to come by. Now that you have one red in Colour phone, thought not original, yet you can still display it as a red and usable telephone at your home. It does display its beauty. Red brings good luck and fortunate with prosperity. Feel free to message me

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