Vintage Swiss cotton voile fabric for Peranakan Nonya Kebaya Sulam


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A vintage piece of Swiss cotton voile fabric meant for tailoring a Peranakan Nonya kebaya sulam. In lovely powder blue. Width 38 inches (obviously vintage as such fabric widths were no longer produced after 1960s). Modern fabric widths are usually 60 inches. Length 6 yards Sold at $40 per yard. 2 yards should be sufficient for a typical kebaya. You may need 1/4 to 1/2 yard more if you have additional length requirements for your arms. If you buy 6 yards, the price will be $200 for all 6 yards. This material remains strong and retains its vibrant colour despite its age. Such vintage fabrics add a touch of nostalgia to your kebaya project. Sourced from a London haberdashery stocked with vintage fabrics.

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Self collect from Kembangan mrt or registered mail for $5 to 8 depending on length purchased.