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Virtue racing helmet, comes in 6 colours with 3 different colour visor Colours are on pic 4 helmet colours, yellow, blue, red, white, black, matte black visor colours, brown tinted, clear, sliver coated, fully black tinted There is only 3 sizes M - 55-58 L - 58- 60 XL - 61 -62 specs: 1. ABS polymer for visor and helmet 2. anti - odor 3. clip on buckle 4. anti glare lenses 5. head fitting design 6. weight approximately 1.35kg 7. high ventilation design, 2 vents, top and bottom 8. easy removal and replacing of visor simple and plain design. ride with style Do note that riding with tinted visor can be fined in Singapore by TP under Singapore laws. You have been warned. ride with the tinted visor at your own risk.

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