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***** Delivery Riders Promotion - 1 Oct 2017 to 7 Oct 2017 ***** Deliveroo - Honestbee - Ubereats - Food Panda riders get a flat rate of 20% off per unit @ $68 1 x Bluetooth Unit = $85 Spares Parts: Headset with Microphone = $15 Helmet Clip = $5 Features of Wireless Bluetooth Intercom : Long range-1200 meters intercom Bluetooth interphone kits for helmet motorcycle, Snowmobile, ski, ATV etc. Communication system 6 Riders Up to 120km/h speed Up to 7hours talking time Auto-receiving mobile call Mobile/mp3/stereo music Audio navigation from GPS Line-in audio interface Wind noise DSP cancellation Full weather protected It can pair "rider to rider" or "rider to pillion". Can pair 6 interphones at a time, and easily switch to any 2 of them. Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone, GPS or MP3 Stereo music With 3.5mm audio input, can work with external media play devices, like MP3/portable CD player/IPOD Plastic + Rubber button, more stable structure, better waterproof performance. This system is fully weather protected. Wireless hands free communication for motorcyclist Safe driving while talking with friends Play stereo music from your mobile phone Can be used as a Bluetooth headset and a wireless music headset while you're not riding Other features: Digital signal processor(DSP) technology for wind noise cancellation Excellent performance at speeds up to the legal limit with a full face helmet Easily mounts to all full face and open face helmets Special feature: All weather, rain and show resistance Any riders could choose one of 5 riders to talk at a time! The maximum communication range over a high clear line of sight path can reach 1200m! (this maximum range is not guaranteed.) Typical effective range in city is approximately 700m. # Please note that actual range depends on weather conditions, terrain, presence of obstacles i.e. a large vehicle, buildings non line of sight etc. Unlike a one-way walkie talkie, which is only half duplex i.e. it can not speak and listen simutaneously, the V6 offers real-time talking like a normal telephone. It can connect with 5 other riders or connect with another rider and his/her pillion. The rider can choose which person to communicate with.

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