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PRODUCT: Brand New Volvo Door Latch Cover 4 Pcs Silver,comes in 4 pieces! Prevent dust, rain water causing rust to the door latch in long run. Fit Suitable for Y14-15 S80L,Y14-15XC60,Y11-15S60,Y12-15XC60 BENEFITS: - One size fits most. - Protect against rain. - Protect against rust. - Easy to clean. - Improve overall aesthetic. MORE BRANDS & OTHER ITEMS ON OUR WEBSITE >>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<< WHY BUY FROM US? Check out our good ratings from all our buyers for the quality products we have sold. PRICE: Retail Usual Price: $23.90 Now: $15 only! DELIVERY OPTIONS: - Normal mail = $1.00 (We are not responsible for any lost mail) - Registered mail = $3.39 - Courier = $7.50 NOTE: Certain items can only be couriered or self-collect. SELF-COLLECTION: - Punggol Drive (Monday to Thursday) - Dover Crescent (Friday to Sunday) *Pre-arrangement need to be made for self-collection. PAYMENT MODE: - Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards such as Visa or Mastercard (via our website: - Bank Transfer - Cash upon collection Target customer of Wearnes Motor or Parallel Importer of S60 S90 V40 Cross Country V60 V90 XC60 XC90 V50 C70 S80 C30 C70 T4 T5 V50 S40 850SE

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