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PURCHASE WITH PURCHASE with minimum 1 purchase of Voodoo Naksoo Get Premium Milk Cleansing Makeup Remover / Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover @$16 (RRP$19.90) OR Cooling Herbal Soap / White Soap @$9 (RRP$9.90) with purchase of 1 Voodoo Naksoo Foot Patch Contact 8388 3360 [Sheena] Naksoo Benefits: 1. Cleans out toxins in the body, weight loss through detox and disposition of fats, increase calories burnt and supports immune system. 2. Better sleep, reduce fatigue, maintain excretory system, alleviate halitosis and flatulence, firming the body. 3. Lighten birthmarks, treat acne and alleviate body and foot odour. 4. Maintain body moisture balance and reduce pressure at the ankle and sole that will quickly alleviate the pain. 5. Stimulate regeneration of healthy skin cells. 6. Balance body organ system, lower blood pressure, blood sugar level and blood fat level.

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