VW caddy Installed! - Voltronic E55 *Free Delivery And Installation!*


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VW Caddy owner comments: "Erh bro the car become more lighter than before and the engine is more smooth. I will highly recommend my friend for this. When I change engine oil will contact you again see you soon!" Stream owner comments: "I feel the car smoother and lighter bro.. almost bang to someone car cos too fast.. haha" Civic owner comments: "After adding the e55, it really has a difference. The response quite kick hahaha! Quite shiok man, will definitely recommend!" VOLTRONIC ® E55 VISCO+ (Plus) is high performance motor oil additive. Formulated with the latest VOLTRONIC ® VISCOSITY STABILIZER Technology for stabilizing engine oil viscosity even under critical condition. Reduce engine vibration and Improve engine compression. Features Stabilizing lubricating oil film strength on piston ring scraper under high stress, high load and high temperature. Protect engine under harsh driving condition Improve shear stability. Improve wear protection. Improve engine compression and efficiency. Reduce engine vibration. Improve fuel economy. Reduce emission, eliminate blue smoke. Extremely Low Ash, EURO-VI ready. Application area Suitable for gasoline and diesel engine with / without turbocharge. Usage Direction Add into engine oil. 1 bottle (250 ml) treat for 4 to 5 litres engine oil. Treat at every oil change interval.