Warning To Others About Insincere Buyer Pxrker (Pt 3/5)


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Beware About Insincere Buyer Pxrker (Pt 3/5) Beware of buyer which may seem sincere and even pay a deposit - bad experience discourages deals and put seller at risk. Requested for apology feedback before returning of deposit to insincere buyer Pxrker We had communicated on phone on 19/07/17 and got to know that its a lady for the deal but buyer insist that she has not spoke with me and from her stories a guy contacted her for the deal later and confused her which is absurd - its a different cage totally - she could not have gotten mixed up. We have communicated through the phone before and my last reminder message is through carousell and its obvious that she had change her mind and back out from the deal.

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