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Washi samples+BTS chibi stickers and cute stickers grabbag! #Under9


1 month ago by venecia_weng








Do read T&C before dealing! Hi there, since I couldn't possibly use everything above, I am selling them!!🌹😍 I swear they are all high quality and CUTE !! Do swipe the pics above!! THEY ARE MINE:) However, there may be 1-2 defected stickers in your grabbag..not to wry, I will put in extras if there is any!! I am so sry..this had to be the worst news :( NO CHOOSING OF ANY STICKERS GUYS.. Types of stickers I hv : Summiko gurashi sticker flakes(all 4 versions) Sanrio🐱 Ulzzang🐰 Tumblr😛 Molang💒 Animals like cats, birds etc🙉 SG🎡 Girl 👰 Food🍦 BTS chibis 😍😍omgg ARMY !!(Will only give a max of 5 pieces as FREEBIES, not selling unless u wanna buy a piece for 50¢ lol IT'S TOO PRECIOUS OKAI:( (I only hv 150 pieces..yea) Available to $8 and above gb only---- Bts chibi stickers as freebies BTS lomo cards to be given as freebies if u want :)STRICTLY no choosing of members!![FOR THIS, U MUST REQUEST IF U WANT]>< Number of washi tapes I hv : 10 normal , 16 slim ALL BRAND NEW, BOUGHT A MONTH AGO!!(some even in package and I opened them just for yall!!) Swipe pic 4 to see all the washi tape designs :) All super pretty and cutez! Smol grabbag ($2)😆 15 sticker flakes + washi tape samples(2 designs) Norm grabbag ($5)😶 30 sticker flakes + 1 sticker sheet + washi tape samples (4 designs) + 3 memo sheets Premium grabbag ($8)😏 40 sticker flakes + 1 sticker sheets + washi tape samples (6 designs)+ 3 memo sheets + FREEBIES Diamond grabbag ($10)✨ 50 sticker flakes + 2 sticker sheets + washi tape samples (8 designs) + 5 memo sheets + FREEBIES Platinum grabbag ($15)💦 70 sticker flakes + 2 sticker sheets + washi tape samples (all designs in pic!!) + 5 memo sheets + FREEBIES!! Yes trades with other cute stationery, just ctb! :D While stocks last~so hurry and get yrs!! Sales: Sold 1 $2 gb Traded 1 $10 gb Sold 1 $10 gb Traded 1 $15 gb All positive feedbacks!!

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Meet up at boon keng on weekends anytime! Boon keng everyday! Dakota-serangoon stn(circle line) and nearby places like NEL during weekdays afternoon/late afternoon only! Will consider more meet up places central/along north east line!


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bixxuanFriendly seller to deal with hehe, thx for more
2 days ago
mint_ongshe was really kind and she respond very quickly more
5 days ago
foodiessFast deals and transaction was very smooth!
1 week ago
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