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I5-6400 Gigabyte h110 mobo 8gb gskill ram AMD 7870 ghz edition 250gb ssd 660W power supply 27 inch curve screen monitor Condition is an 8/10 due to dust particles on the inside and some small scratches. Doesn't affect the overall quality of the product. No worries. Product will be delivered to your house personally. Any faults with the system will be rectified on the spot! You wanna play The Witcher 3? Done deal this computer will do it for you. Metro Last Light? Pfft, no issues. Ezpz Render 3d cad models? I think my computer just laughed, did you hear that? Animate disney films? Pixar would pay for me to do it for them if they knew how fast this computer was. Hit me up bros and sis. This is a good computer. The only reason why I'm selling it is because I'm too busy with work and school that I am unable to spend time with my beloved desktop. Please, take a chance! The listed price is completely negotiatable!

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