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100% brand new High quality water filter media housing. Material: Food Grade Plastic Size: 25.5x5.5cm / 10.04x2.17inches ❗️❗️CURRENTLY 1 INSTOCK❗️❗️ PRE-ORDER ONLY Waiting time 3-5 weeks This Water Filter tube can be filled with a variety of media filter housing, such as resin, lava stone, tourmaline base ball, coconut shell, activated carbon/charcoal, silicon, phosphor crystal, ceramic balls/rings, zeolite rocks, seachem denitrate or matrix and other filter media that you can use for drinking water or even fish tank filtration. **Highly recommended for removing nitrates from aquarium due to its air tight and low flow rate. Can be used just like a denitrator reactor. Just have to attach a pump with flow rate not more than 200L/h for seachem denitrate to work properly, leaving your tank with lowered levels of nitrates, reducing the need for water change. Simple tube design allows it to be hung neatly on the side of tanks or even submerged. Other extra info : It can be separated with a sponge to freely mix media, entirely customisable DIY. Use of food-grade production of new materials, worry-free. Two ends can be conveniently opened to fill the filter, and can be used repeatedly, very affordable. Comes with 2 elbow connectors which attaches to a 1/4inch tube/piping. The filter has a fine mesh cover on both ends, which can effectively prevent any fine particles from escaping. Thick filter housing design, filter cover seal design ensures leak-free, hassle free and neat & clean usage. Two open ends, easy recharging and cleaning. **Note: Colour of some parts may be differ slightly due to different purchase batches

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