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For fish tank or pond. Grows/populate very fast, gold fish like to eat. Healthy Diet - shall feed once a while to GF Natural ====>Duckweed is actually one of the smallest flowering plants in the world that is often seen in thick mats covering the surface of the water. The tiny plants consist of one to three leaves, or fronds, of 1/16 to 1/8 inch in length with a single root (or root-hair) protruding from each frond. The leaves float freely on the surface of a waterbody while the root hangs below the surface to obtain nutrients from the water rather than from soil $4 for the qty/amount to the size of 1/3-1/2 palm size... (not counting the small tiny plant Г^^ ៛ ) or filled the mineral water bottle surface or $12 for covering your 1/2 to full tank (lossly spreading out depending on the size) I think about 2 and the half lunch boxes ====> seeds. High germination rate suit Singapore weather. No need oxygen tank. Submerged plant can glow very tall. See germination within 8 weeks and you might Need to trim from 3 months😃 that fast A package of ard 300-400 seeds at $4.5 😈 the photos show the plants populated too fast and squeeze out.... not ideal... Meet at Tampines Safra bus stop... Or can try send by courier (normal) with seal mineral water bottle + $4 (Save your time and traveling) Trackable... =========Check out===== Seeds ... grow very fast for submerged plant High germination rate

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bus stop opposite Tampjnes Safra ( there is a car park behind)

Mailing or Delivery

courier to your home ( video of physical appearance & testing will be send) just add $3 - Save time and convience. But you have to be comfortable by listing areas to test in the recording..