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Short road trip to Malaysia or daily commute to work. Protect your sensitive electronics from the rain. One less item to care about if u met in an accident (assuming that you don't crash your bag too) Speaking from a rider that skidded on sharp corner. Bag was fine. no guarantees that you would be fine though and depending on how you fall, it may get damaged. afterall its not tearproof but waterproof. Stretchy and bendy af. Recommended for riders. however if you decide to wear it while driving like a hipster, its also fine. Great for those pasar malam or aunties uncles in the markets because no customer want to receive wet money eventhough Singapore money are mostly waterproof now. Check out my other listings for other motorbike accessories such as anti-thief lock to prevent ichy hands from riding off your motorbike, Good for people who always travel to Malaysia. Oh and by the way. The model in the listing is a friend so please don't contact her to tell her about this listing. Please don't use this listing as an fucking poor excuse to hit her up because she knows about this and she have a boyfriend.

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