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We Are What We Eat!! (USA High Tech Micro sliced & Organics)


1 year ago by jollycruise






Pls watch the Youtube video links:- Omega-3s work to protect the heart by lowering blood pressure, bad cholesterol and inflammation. Inflammation can put strain on blood vessels and cause heart disease. So by eating chia seeds, you can boost and protect your heart thanks to the omega-3s — just another example of the amazing chia seeds benefits available. Omega-3 deficiency causes 96,600 US deaths per year (say Harvard researchers) 2 tablespoons of “RESTORE” provides 3000mg of Omega-3s (about 12 tablets of Fish oil) RESTORE has ►8X More Omega-3s than Wild Salmon ►6X More Calcium than Milk ►3X More Iron than Spinach ►2X More Potassium than Bananas ►15X More Magnesium than Broccoli ►2X More Fiber than Bran Flakes ►6X More Protein than Kidney Beans ►4X More Selenium than Flax Seed ►9X More Phosphorous than whole Milk ►MORE Antioxidants than Blueberries RESTORE is ... ►Gluten Free ►Trans Fat Free ►Sugar Free ►High in Fiber ►High in Protein ►Has no Taste or Smell ►Can be deliciously combined with many foods! ►Nutrients not destroyed by heat in baking process so you can incorporate it in your baking. RESTORE may help with: ►Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure ►Cardiovascular disease ►Cholesterol & Triglycerides ►helps to maintain healthy blood sugar level; Improves insulin sensitivity (Diabetes) ►Aids in childhood learning & Cognition ►Slows the aging process of the brain & body; is anti-aging ►Regulates the immune system & helps fight all auto-immune diseases ►Weight Loss & Anti Aging ►Reduces back pain and inflammation in disc herniation  ►Improves symptoms/cognition in autistic children ►Reduces chronic pain, relieves arthritis pain & reduces inflammation  ►Improves vision and protects against dry eye syndrome  ►Improves symptoms of psoriasis, eczema & other forms of dermatitis  ►Gastrointestinal Health ►Osteoporosis & Joint Mobility ►Memory & Depression ►Prenatal, Postpartum & Menopause ►Skin problem (Lupus, eczema etc..) ►Migraines Each pack (4oz) per person for up to 8days base on 13g per serving per day. Whole Raw Food Suitable for All Ages inclucing Pregnant/Breastfeeding Mother or Children SGD25 per bag or SGD100 for 5 bags (free delivery with SG) Regmart (ACRA/UEN:50787500A) 200 Jalan Sultan #10-09 Textile Centre Singapore 199018 Mobile: +65-94590594 or SMS

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