Website Design - 3 Secrets Your Competition Doesn't Want You To Know


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🔸Secret 1️⃣. Your website MUST be RESPONSIVE and MOBILE OPTIMISED. Consider the consumers that you will be targeting, such as the readers or customers that are constantly on-the-go. Not everyone has the opportunity browse the web on their laptop on the train or bus, instead they’ll rely on their smartphone or other mobile devices. It is very essential that your website is not only responsive but that it’s also mobile optimized for the highest level of success. When a reader visits your page, they should be able to view it just as effectively on their mobile device as they would on their computer at home. For the first time in history in November 2016, statistics show that mobile Internet usage has surpassed the usage of the Internet through desktops and laptops. If your website is not mobile optimised, you may be losing readers and customers right now! 🔸Secret 2️⃣. Having an EFFECTIVE Lead Generating Landing Page You want to create a dedicated landing page with your opt-in offer and sign up section. It will allow you to give people a link where they can subscribe immediately, and most importantly - have no other distractions on the page but to sign up, or move on to your website. How many readers navigate to your website, browse the information they need, then leave as soon as they are satisfied? Over 90%!! What if you could capture up to 30% of those who want to stay up to date with your company? Would that make a direct impact to your revenue? 🔸Secret 3️⃣. Having a blog to MARKET your website A website is like an island in a big ocean. It may be beautiful and awesome, but if nobody knows about it, there won't be any visitors to enjoy it! Blogging and Content Marketing increases visibility of your brand. It is the connection between your island and the all other islands. Especially to the "mainland", Google. Publishing content helps build authority and credibility of your brand. It also creates both loyalty and trust, with both your current customers and prospects. We hope these 3 secrets we have shared with you today will be able to help you know what to look out for with your new websites! 🖥️We build beautifully simple but sophisticated websites that are conversion focused, mobile responsive, and lead generating - so you can maximise your ROI with one of the most important aspects of your business. Some details of your new website: ☑️WordPress Based The best CMS out there! Simple and easy for anybody who needs to focus on the business instead of figuring out how to use complicated systems. ☑️Premium Theme Forget free or cheap themes. Install only the best and responsive ones. ☑️Essential Plugins SEO so easy your grandma can figure it out. Anti-spam so you won't be attacked while you sleep. Google Analytics so you know how your site is doing. ☑️Hosting and Domain Management Don't know how to point your domain to your host? We got it covered. ☑️Free high quality stock photos Professional looking photos to beautify your website. ✴️Our prices start from a ridiculously low $500!!✴️ We are currently still building our portfolio, hence prices are far below market rates for what we are prepared to deliver. Once we have built a sizeable portfolio, prices will naturally progress to industry standards. Message us for any enquiries you may have! Thank you for your kind attention and we hope you find what you are looking for!

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