What Demons Can Do to Saints by Merrill F. Unger - Self Enrichment Book


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What Demons Can Do to Saints by Merrill F. Unger Very Good Condition, Clean, Unmarked, foxed, comes with plastic book cover. Description - If you're a Christian, you are not nose-to-nose with Satan and his millions of demons. Like it or not, you're in their crosshairs. Satan wants the entire world to defy God and worship him instead. Yet he knows that Christians are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Your allegiance to Christ threatens his design against every human being and institution. This means that you--and your fellow believers--can expect to be attacked. Blunted. Distracted. Terrorized. Deceived. "Demonized." What Demons Can Do to Saints, by respected Bible scholar Merrill F. Unger, was written to wake up a largely sleeping church. We can't hope to win the spiritual war against fallen angels if we don't know it's being fought or are ignorant of the resources every saint has in Christ to guarantee personal protection and victory. With scholarly wisdom and pastoral urgency, Dr. Unger challenges apathy and misunderstanding with concrete biblical answers—facts, not sensationalism. Amazon Book Reviews - 1) By R. L. Stites Clear and objective testimony from a man who is well respected in the world wide Christian community. Biblically based and sound in analysis and application. If you realize and intend to be on the front lines of the spiritual battle, you must read and apply this text. The truth is, whether we realize it or not, we are ALL in the midst of a spiritual battle only we may not be aware of where the real battle is. This book helps re-focus our attention and understanding. 2) FANTASTIC!!! - By Amazon Customer Unger takes on a topic head on that still causes controversy amongst Christians young and old! If ever you have even remotely pondered this question, this book is for you! Beautiful in its simplicity as well as in its honesty! You need this book!!!