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I am introducing a series of whole dried roses for use as Rose Tea. These are hand carried from Yunnan Province, the Flower Capital. This is series #3, flower are smaller, 2 per pack. Whole Dried Roses - rose tea 20g box, 2 small roses per packet x 6pc - Small complete whole rose - Elegant Box 13 x 6 x 5.3 cm - Perfect for own consumption or perfect for gift good for beautiful skin. Overall antioxidant tea. Instructions for a good cup of Rose Tea: A. Rinse rose in cold water. B. Place 1- 2 roses into a cup or pot. C. Add hot water 80degC and above D. Cover with cap and simmer for 5 minutes E. No sugar needed, but if you prefer add just a little, or add some honey. F. Ready to drink G. Possible to refill 4 to 6 times, and it will still be fragrant. Buy 2 boxes at $38. Preorder only - enquire to know date of availability.

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