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Wholesale Natural Aquamarine Aura Quartz Bangle / Jewellery/ necklace/ pendants/ bracelet/ ring/ earrings / Jade Stone / Jadeite 天然海蓝宝水晶玉石手镯手链手串吊坠项链戒指翡翠


7 months ago by themaxonline








Wholesale Natural Aquamarine Aura Quartz Bangle / Jewellery/ necklace/ pendants/ bracelet/ ring/ earrings / Jade Stone / Jadeite 天然海蓝宝水晶玉石手镯手链手串吊坠项链戒指翡翠 Promotion: 1) 20% off for this month 2) FOC Aquamarine ring for payment within 24 hours upon confirmation! Size: please check your size before you order. Please refer size as stated in the picture. Other size can be found in other listings (range from 51.64-60.3mm) Price as stated in the picture. Price included postage/ delivery 5-10 working days upon received full payment Tags Jewellery Stand jade jadeite stone rich Wealth health Home decoration Fengshui lucky good luck fortune auspicious colourful living hall house room kitchen household bidding bidder bracelet necklace earrings jade jadeite ring rings phantom phantoms face massage pendants pendant anklet shape nature natural cream lady accessory accessories watch size xs s m l xl xxl xxxl xxxxl big size small size medium size fountain dress new old used antique antiques car review good vintage religion religious sports agent supply supplier moving out in moved mover wholesale district distributors dealer agent price repair gems stone crystal crystals Quartz Quarts magic powerful first gss great singapore sales limited edition renovation hdb condo landed property terrace bungalow corner north south east west centre central cbd mrt bus card book books story learn learning upgrade upgraded version versions sales local Malaysia china China Bazil Uraguay canada chinese traditional expatriate first clearances pink white red green yellow purple black blue rose grey gold silver colour young old offer last ready nature natural energy magic good good buy furniture furnishing piece pieces delivery pretty beautiful best unique mini fengshui trade traditional box container Singapore nation national great sales discount cheap expensive precious prestige fast deal local import export expatriate free foc moving out sales mover last piece goods women men adult kids baby babies bazi fortune career work wedding brides goom make up art book books story car accessories luxury masterpiece collection collectibles last healthy health wealth wealthy money Cash sets precious art review Rose Quartz Obsidian Red Jasper Amethyst Clear Quartz Green Aventurine Citrine agate jade jadeite larimar pixiu tourmaline save art set sets piece pieces one two three four five six seven eight night ten super obsidian sphere authentic sakura cateye cat tiger eye premier premium labadorite kyanite rare unique turquoise raw coral apopyhlite copper rutilated lepidocrocite amethyst slabs geode moon star sun pyrite pyramid pyramids jumbo cube sheen ammonite heart shape egg pointer fluorite auralite 23 sugilite cacoxenite chrysanthemums stone fossil minor restock and arrival Rhodechrosite chrysanthemum stone Auralite 23, pink coral labadorite clear aura aquamarine quartz pointer citrine pointer and ammonite fossil buy sale sales sell buyer seller best price cave wedding art fate religion religious pray prayer yoga meditation medical medicine cure pure remedy phone hand hanphone iphone samsung huawei cover round rectangle square tall short thin dark deep sheer brown stainless steel silver gift present birthday father father’s mother mother’s day motherhood healing chakra throat business friendship help prosperity speak speech worm cancer worth scared smokey geothite cocoxenite protect protector lepidocrocite prehnite husband wife massage tool tools face skin slim slimming antique anti-aging anti wrinkle mask fine lines firming hydrating facial headache hydration gua sha 水晶 风水 金 木 水 火 土 红 浅 深 黄 绿 青 紫 蓝 黑 灰 金 白 虎 屋 房 橱 家 东 南 西 北 架 裙 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十 两 八字 男 女 儿 老 少 大 小 急 算 命 买 卖 石 紫水晶 动盆 聚宝盆 算 钱 钱袋子 招财 聚财 纳财 七彩 贵人 人缘 新 旧 酒 生意 开张 结婚 婚礼 婚宴 婚姻 装修 摆件 手机设计 升级 元素 艺术 马来西亚 中国 加拿大 巴西 巴拉圭 水晶 塔 幽灵 金字塔 好 运 免费 圆 方 收藏 售 貔貅 神 兽 神圣 神兽 爱爱心 心形 形 开光 开 天然 白水晶 水晶球 七星 阵 开业 店 租屋 组屋 送 礼物 礼 风 水 球 转运 球 家居 工 艺品 件 东 南 西 北 限量 项链 戒指 手 手串 手链 手排 手牌 银 扣 吊坠 925 脚 头 脚链 韩 战国 战国红 六脉 七轮 子宫 喉咙 喉 小人 辟邪 挡煞 去 晦气 旺夫 父亲 母亲 夫妻 生活 简约 简单 透明 玻璃 琉璃

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