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Look at this date: updated 2-Dec-2017; surely available, do not need to doubt, ready to deal ( If you're NOT SURE and wish to enquire something, please ask on Carousell Chat; will reply your doubt I am online again.) ( If you're SURE and confirmed wanting to deal, use SMS, in your message say ITEM NAME, SAY TIME you would arrive at LOC-1/LOC-2 ) - Why this method; because I am not all the time online and not online at deal time, and a Sms is your commitment to deal. After you read through the Ad, details below. The point is Buyer should read Ad before asking. Here's the Ad: HDMI 5-way Switch takes 5 Input sources and 1 Output goes to TV[; select which source you want to display on TV screen - unused item - tested working ==== IF YOU DECIDE TO DEAL, only by SMS, FOLLOW: ==== Loc-2: Toa Payoh MRT/Bus Interchange/HDB Hub Loc-1: when you come by own transport at postcode 319521 / 310192 (see map, STMicroelectronics sidelane or NTUC dropoff point) I act readily only to a real appointment: In your SMS type "HDMI 5-way Switch" must say time you arrive must choose STMicro / NTUC , or Toa Payoh MRT / Bus Interchange at HDB Hub Sms to 96-7zero-99-6-two (this is really a confirmation that you want to buy) (your action determines how you treat the Ad)

Deal Options


HDB Hub Singapore, Singapore

==== DEALING INFO. ==== === Follow closely if wish to deal === == Item is 100% available. Do not ask again in your SMS == Simple. Upon a real SMS with appointment time will search item for deal ===>> If wish to buy ==> send 1st SMS => follow exactly How to deal --> by Sms 1, Mention exact "Carousell: HDMI Switch 5x1" when you Sms 2, Choose Loc-1 or Loc-2; (Postcode and map are given) 3, You plan and say time to arrive; (Please state the target time and be punctual) Where to meet --> Toa Payoh Choose Loc-1 when you come by own transport ==> ST-Microelectronics Lor4 sidelane or opposite is Chung Hwa Medical Institute roadside ( postcode 319521 / 319522, 310192 ) Choose Loc-2 when you come by public transport ==> Toa Payoh Bus/MRT Complex / HDB-Hub (postcode 310530) Sms in numeral: 96-70-9-nine.six-2 === Seller's own hosting ===