Wildstorm Rising Complete 10-Chapter Series (Image Comics 1995)


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Well-kept in plastic and backing board Wildstorm Rising was Wildstorm's first company-wide crossover. It ran through all the Wildstorm titles for the month of May in 1995. The final part of the crossover was released in June 1995. The 10-part crossover was published as a two-issue comic book limited series Wildstorm Rising that served as bookends of the story arc (cover dated May 1995-June 1995) while also running through these specific WildStorm titles. The chapters are as following: Prologue: Team 7: Objective: Hell (Team 7 vol. 2) #1 Chapter 1: Wildstorm Rising #1 Chapter 2: WildC.A.T.s vol.1, #20 Chapter 3: Union vol.2, #4 Chapter 4: Gen¹³ vol.2, #2 Chapter 5: Grifter vol.1, #1 Chapter 6: Deathblow vol.1, #16 Chapter 7: Wetworks #8 Chapter 8: Backlash #8 Chapter 9: Stormwatch vol.1, #22 Chapter 10: Wildstorm Rising #2

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