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Product description A step-by-step guide to thriving in an increasingly competitive business climate by optimising existing relationships to meet people you can't reach on their own and staging, framing, and following through on these referrals. About the Author Michael Salmon is an expert in the field. He has authored two books on his SuperNetworking platform. His company, M. Salmon & Associates, is recognized as one of the nations' foremost training, coaching and sales consulting firms working with Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Salmon currently coaches 25+ of the Barron's and Worth's top 1,000 Advisors and several Fortune 500 executives. He has appeared on FNC, CNN, Bloomberg, NBC and CBS and his comments have appeared in such national publications as USA Today, Investor's Business Daily, L.A. Times,and Entrepreneur Magazine. Mr. Salmon developed his SuperNetworking methodology over the course of his three decades of leadership improving sales, marketing, and management process for both publicly traded and privately held companies.

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