Withheld From Sale: Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard


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Withheld from sale as I am traveling out of the country at the moment. Please check back again for when this item will be for sale again. If the reserved sign is gone, the item should be on sale again. Thanks for checking out my items and sorry for any inconvenience caused. Selling genuine GMMK. Bought this in January 2017 and loved using it until I switched to the 60% form factor. The keyboard is in great condition, has minimalistic design (no crazy colors, design choices or logos on top of the keyboard) is suitable for anyone who is interested in trying out different switches. This product has 104 switches and allows the user to easily change switches without desoldering. It has RGB lighting if you use switches with clear housing. The stabilizers are also already clipped and lubed so typing on the bigger keys should feel smooth. There are 9 different LED lighting colors (Multi-color, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Violet, Purple and White) and 18 different LED Light Animations (according to the User Manual although I never use them). The switches on this keyboard now are a mixture of different stems, housings and springs. The blue ones are Cherry MX Blue Stem in Gateron Brown Housing with Gateron Brown Springs. The black ones are Gateron Black Stem in Gateron Black Housing with Gateron Brown Springs. If you are interested in getting consistent switches throughout the entire board, you should look into my other listings for Gateron switches (unless they sell out first). Comes with all the items shown in the photos (all original accessories present during purchase is included).

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