Wmmt5dx | Too Lazy To Tune/Max Ur Car? Look No Further! Im Here To Help!


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Hi there! Im here to help u Tune/Max ur car! Any car! But u will need to pay for ur own tune! 1 game will be $1.50, to max a car u need at least $90. (Saying that ur car does not start at 600HP) Plus me helping u to tune ur car will be $20 all together u will need $110. U will need your own Banapassport, i will not be suppling any banapass. But if u need a discarded car, im selling $5 per car! [Discarded cars are cars that are brand new, u can choose any car u want and also it will start from 600HP] [I will only sell to u tgt with the full tuning of the car.] If u alr have a discarded car, the total cost will be $80. $60 for the full tune, $20 for my pay :) Tags : Wmmt5 Wmmt5dx Wmmt5dx+ Wmmt4 Wmmt4dx 3dx 3dx+ Wangan midnight maximum tune

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Nex and Downtown East *ONLY THESE 2 locations*