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Wo Hui Du Chinese readers/ Level 1 / 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ I can read chinese 我会读


3 months ago by levinetay








Brand new in boxed. My baby boy started reading/ flashing routine at around 4 months old when I chanced upon the very first level of wo hui du and started the chinese reading since then. My favorite sets of books that I started selling since 2004. The whole series of Wo Hui Du/ Reading Lads/ Taoshu are all available. I'm putting up in a new album as there are requests for them. Wo Hui Du Per Level is at $74/ 10books. (total 5 levels). Reading Lads $35 per level/ 6books. (at the moment only 5 levels available). Tao Shu Series. Total 4 Levels. $45 per level. 6books per level. Shapes. Total 3 Levels. $35 per level. 6books per level. PM me for more sets and discussion ya. ------------------------------------------------------ Purpose: This series consists of 12 books. There are 10phrases in each book, totalling of 120phrases. We start with the phrases and short sentences then slightly longer sentences. The purpose is to help your child express himself in proper Mandarin. The sentence structure does not vary much, so as to make it easy for your child to read. Method: Conduct 2 to 3 sessions daily. Teach 5 phrases in each sessions for the 1st 5days then slowly retire the old phrase and add a new phrase from day six onwards. Special Features: The large font enables the child to see very clearly. Words & Sentences are separated so that you child focuses on the word 100%. This results in words recognition. HanYuPinYin is not replaced together with the words so as not to distract your child and prevent your child from relying on HanYuPinYin. It is placed at the end of the book for your reference. about the author The author, Mdm Soh has been teaching Chinese for the past 30 over years. As she was searching for quality Chinese books for her toddler granddaughter, she was disappointed at the scarcity of such books. At the same time, her daughter researched into early childhood language development. A combination of teaching experience and proven methods resulted in the design of this series of Chinese Readers. These book became an instant favourite and success, and now they would like to present these books to your children. about the series It consists on total 5 series from words to stories. Visit the link for more details. Home delivery at $15 for purchase of 3 levels and above.

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angthuwinGreat seller to deal with! Speedy replies Thank more
1 month ago
1mb3hComic books in very good condition - almost more
2 months ago
rene.kragelundPrompt delivery!
3 months ago
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