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No Trade. No Bargain. No Discount. No Meet At Other Places Except Below Stated. ✔Brand new. ✔The price is for 1 piece (1 cartridge) of Sealed In Package Gillette Venus Spa Women's White Tea Scented Razor Refill. ✔ShowerSafe Venus razor refills are individually sealed to stay clean and dry, even when stored in the shower. Built-in Shave Gel Bars with white tea scent eliminate the need for additional shave gel or cream. 3-blade razor cartridges and shave gel bars flex for incredible closeness around every curve. ✔All Venus razor cartridges fit all Venus razor handles. ✔Instructions : Simply wet the razor for skin-loving light lather And a smooth shave. ✔Price Stated : For 1 Piece. ✔Meetup : Pinnacle, Cantonment Road Bus-Stop. Weekdays 7pm-9.30pm. Saturdays & Sunday Mornings. ✔Normal Mail : $1.

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Blk 1F Pinnacle@Duxton, Singapore

No Trade. No Negotiation. Meet At The Bus Stop.

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