[WTS] BN 2017 Limited Ed Brunei Darussalam - Spore Currency Interchangeability Agreement Commemorative Notes Set. To Celebrate 50th Anniv. In $50 denom. HardCover Folder To Hold 2 Notes. Suitable As Red Packet Or Gift. Loose $50 Notes Avail. See All Pics.

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Brand New Commemorative Brunei Darussalam - Singapore Currency To Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of The Interchangeability Agreement Set: In Denom Of $50: 1 $50 Singapore Note 1 $50 Brunei Note A HardCover Folder To Hold 2 Notes Available. Suitable As Festival Red Packet Or Presentable Gift A Set for $108. Auspicious 8 for Good lucky & Prosperity. :) Or Loose $50 Notes Available At $55 pc.